We are passionate about communicating God's love cross-culturally. Since 1990, we have been privileged to tell anyone who will listen about Jesus - and help several like-minded people do the same. Consequently, we have seen God bring about profound transformation in all kinds of people. Yet, given the huge population across the world, it is clear that so much more needs to be done. Therefore, we invite you to join us for six months in the beautiful country of South Africa  for our Discipleship and Missions Training School (DMTS).  This involves two phases as follows:
  • Lecture Phase: comprising three months of growing in the knowledge of God through learning critical subjects including, but not limited to:
    • Spiritual Disciplines
    • Intimacy with God
    • Character Development
    • Introduction to Missions
    • Community Development
Each module is taught by Christian leaders with personal experience and insight on the topic. Classwork is also supplemented by small group discussions, worship, intercession, one-on-one coaching, and practical work to give a life-transforming experience within a multi-cultural environment.

  • Lecture Phase: involving three months of short-term missions in various locations as lead by the Lord and under the supervision of experienced staff members. This phase is done in collaboration with churches and other respected Christian organizations with a proven track record in their communities. It involves various forms of ministry as a way to implement lessons learnt during the lecture phase. 
We take safety and security seriously and work with respected partners to care for you. Most importantly, we get to communicate the most important message in the world - that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life. We look forward to seeing you.